The Australian Temperament Project Generation 3 (ATP Gen3)

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Lead Investigator - Professor Craig Olsson
Project Manager - Dr Primrose Letcher

About ATP Gen3

Study description
Commencing in 1983, the Australian Temperament Project (ATP) is an ongoing longitudinal study that has followed the development of a large group of Victorian children from infancy to adulthood, and is now following their children. With detailed information collected from 16 waves of data collection, the ATP is one of the longest running studies of its kind in Australia, and one of only a few in the world with information on three generations of family members (i.e., the young people, their parents, and now the young people's children).

The Australian Temperament Project (ATP) is a longitudinal study of the psychosocial development of a large and representative sample of Australian children born in the state of Victoria, Australia between September 1982 and January 1983.

Generation 3

Mother and child

2012 marked the beginning of a new phase of the ATP, with the launch of the ATP Generation 3 study. Having followed the development and wellbeing of study members since birth, the project now has the opportunity to investigate how the experiences of one generation affect the next, from grandparent to parent to child. There are few studies like the ATP anywhere in the world that have the capacity to do this.

The Generation 3 study has been a great success so far thanks to all who have taken part. We have extended the study, so that there are now a variety of ways parents or expectant parents may participate (participation in each component is voluntary). These include components such as ultrasounds, interviews, observational play sessions and taking saliva samples during the different stages of pregnancy, postpartum, 1yr old and 4yrs old.

We will continue to collect information from new parents for about 5 years, as new births occur, aiming for 1,000 “third generation” study members. The ATP Generation 3 study will then be one of the largest of its kind internationally, and so will have great potential to contribute to our understanding of intergenerational health.

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Australian Temperament Project
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The ATP is a joint project between the Australian Institute of Family Studies, the Melbourne Children’s (the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, the University of Melbourne, and the Royal Children’s Hospital), and Deakin University. Additional collaborators include the University of New South Wales and the University of Otago. The ATP has received financial support from many funding agencies and institutions over the years and is currently supported by grants from the Australian Research Council and the National Health and Medical Research Council.