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Brace Participants Sub-study

BRACE COVID-19-Specific vaccine sub-study (BCOS)

With philanthropic support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this is a sub-study to the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute’s trial of BCG vaccine to reduce the impact of COVID-19. By recruiting existing BRACE trial participants to the sub-study, researchers are seeking answers to these key questions:

BCOS Australia and Brazil

Does BCG vaccination, by boosting the immune system, improve the response to Pfizer, AstraZeneca and CoronaVac?

BCOS Brazil

Is it possible to predict who remains susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 variants despite previous COVID-19 disease or COVID-19-specific vaccination?

Calling for participants in Victoria and South Australia

The BRACE study team is seeking participants to enrol in the sub-study if you:

  • Are a participant in the BRACE trial
  • Are a healthcare worker at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne, Epworth HealthCare, Women's and Chilren's Hospital, Adelaide or the Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Have not yet had a COVID-19-specific vaccine
  • Have not previously been diagnosed with COVID-19

What to expect

To participate in BCOS, you simply need to attend one, two or three vaccine sub-study clinic visits and provide a blood sample each time. The number of visits depends on the type of COVID-19-specific vaccine you receive. Where possible, these will be combined with your regular BRACE trial 3-monthly clinic visit.

You also need to complete additional questionnaires a week after each vaccine sub-study clinic visit to tell us which COVID-19-specific vaccine you have been given and any reactions you experience.

Your participation in the sub-study will end 28 days after you receive your second dose of COVID-19-specific vaccine.

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Nicole Messina ABC interview

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Dr Nicole Messina, BRACE Biosample and Laboratory Lead, speaks on ABC NewsRadio about the BRACE COVID-19-Specific vaccine sub-study.

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