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Our Campus Partners

Melbourne Children’s: A world leader in child and adolescent health

Murdoch Children's Research Institute works alongside campus partners The Royal Children’s Hospital and The University of Melbourne to form the Melbourne Children’s; a world-class children’s hospital campus incorporating clinical care, research and teaching.

Researchers work side by side with health professionals and academics at The Royal Children's Hospital and the University of Melbourne's Department of Paediatrics to create better health outcomes for children.  Using this model of building research teams involving staff from all three organisations and working on problems in an integrated way promotes faster and more effective translational outcomes leading to early intervention and prevention for children.

This integration provides our researchers with much greater interaction with patients for research, clinical data and clinical expertise than is the case for most medical research institutes around the world.

Aligning with our campus partners also ensures delivery of a higher level of clinical care to children through access to research outcomes and developing therapies, involvement in research studies, training of clinical leaders and ability to attract top quality clinicians from across the globe.