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What is your role at MCRI ? I’m a postdoctoral researcher in the Refugee and Migrant Program, Intergenerational Health Group . Tell us about your journey in getting to where you are today as a researcher here at MCRI?
Mac Zamani knew from an early age the gender he was assigned at birth wasn’t the one he identified with. The 18-year-old always felt different to other girls, a self-confessed tomboy who lived in shorts and t-shirts.
The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) wants all children to have the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilled life.  Everything we know as child and adolescent health experts reinforces the value of children and young people being connected to their families, to early learning and schools, and to a community in which their families are also safe and supported.
What is your role at MCRI? I am a Research Assistant with the Vaccine Uptake and Asia-Pacific Health Groups within the Infection & Immunity Theme, and a Project Coordinator for the Centre of Research Excellence: Pneumococcal Disease Control in the Asia-Pacific (CRE-PDC).
This article was first published on Pursuit . Read the original article . Main image: Oxygen access is a universal challenge for hospitals in low and middle-income countries.
What is Rett syndrome? Rett syndrome (RTT) is a severe progressive neurological disorder that mainly affects females and was first reported by Andreas Rett in 1966. It interferes in the normal brain development from early childhood.
The first time Emerson tried cow’s milk he broke out in hives and his eyes and lips swelled up. Emerson was just seven months old when he had an allergic reaction after having a few spoonsful of his sister’s strawberry smoothie.