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In 1988, while Australia celebrated its bicentenary, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch and Professor David Danks set their sights on the emerging role of genetics in public health when they opened the doors to Victorian Clinical Genetics Services (VCGS).
Written by University of Melbourne Masters of Science Communication students Jasmine McBain-Miller, Kimberley Meyers, Ashley Sroka and Bronwyn Wolfaardt under the guidance and direction of Associate Professor Jeff Craig .
One of the big questions in autism research is whether autism is a single disorder or many different disorders that happen to present in the same way. Although recent genetic research has indicated hundreds of different genes contribute to autism, a new discovery has found there could also be commonality among most patients with autism.
This September 17, our family and friends will celebrate the inaugural Kleefstra Syndrome Awareness Day. Our little girl Olivia is one of a just a few hundred people in the world who have been diagnosed with rare genetic fault which results in severe developmental delays, intellectual disabilities and physical abnormalities. To us, she is perfect.
Our laboratory research team found that a medication called resveratrol increases the amount of frataxin produced by cells. Resveratrol is a natural substance found in grapes and nuts and is also present in red wine.