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By Emily Weight. It was heartbreaking to watch helplessly as my gregarious little girl turned into a shy, introverted child in the space of a year. When Daisy started to talk, she was the usual noisy toddler, making sounds and gurgling away.
Image l-r: MCRI Professor Angela Morgan, Azelene - (Sian's mum), Sian, and WIHI Professor Melanie Bahlo at the launch of the Genetics of Stuttering Study. Written by Sian Williams, 13 I was five when my teacher told my parents that she thought I might have a stutter.
Stuttering is a common communication difficulty affecting more than one in ten children during the preschool years. Stuttering typically begins when children start combining words into sentences between 2 and 3 years of age and ongoing research into stuttering at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute has helped improve our understanding of this common childhood communication difficulty.