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The United Nations has declared that 2 April each year will be World Autism Awareness Day, with an aim of bringing more attention to the condition and help give a voice to the millions of individuals who are undiagnosed, misunderstood or looking for help.
Hundreds of researchers and students at Murdoch Children's Research Institute are doing everything in their power to uncover the causes and possible cures of childhood diseases. For some of us, our ‘power’ is tied up in how much computing power we have access to.
Today, more than ever before, a staggering array of new diagnostic options exist to enable accurate genetic diagnosis of genetic conditions. This has been made possible by quantum leaps in computing, which have allowed rapid, interpretable screening of our entire coding DNA sequences and our full genomes at exponentially-affordable prices.
Nicky Kilpatrick and Pam Leong Did you know about half of all Australian children start school with holes in their teeth? Many of these children will have already suffered from toothache and some will have been hospitalised to manage the infection.
At the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, basic science and ‘translational research’ are performed under the same roof. Clinical and laboratory researchers at Insitute’s Bruce Lefroy Centre (BLC) work side-by-side to translate their research discoveries.
By Eliza Metcalfe, Senior Project Officer, Policy, Equity & Translation Group Working in a research institute on the same campus as a hospital, you get pretty immersed in health information.