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At the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, basic science and ‘translational research’ are performed under the same roof. Clinical and laboratory researchers at Insitute’s Bruce Lefroy Centre (BLC) work side-by-side to translate their research discoveries.
By Eliza Metcalfe, Senior Project Officer, Policy, Equity & Translation Group Working in a research institute on the same campus as a hospital, you get pretty immersed in health information.
Anna Jarmolowicz, Master of Genetic Counselling student, Murdoch Children's Research Institute Assisted reproductive technologies such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF) have helped thousands along the path to parenthood, helping couples who have had difficulty conceiving.
By Louisa Di Pietro, Group Leader, Genetic Support Network Victoria Rare Disease Day is an International celebration of our community of people who are impacted by rare disease.
From Raising Children Network Sleep matters. Before children arrive in a family’s life, sleep might have been nice-to-have, but it quickly becomes a must-have. Sleep keeps us healthy and alert – not to mention nice to be around!
Recently I was promoted to the level of Honorary Associate Professor and for some reason it got me thinking about the parallels between scientists and rock stars. You can’t see it? Let me explain.