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Conor McCafferty is a PhD student with the Haematology Research Group within the Clinical Sciences Theme. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to join MCRI. I started at MCRI in 2017 as a summer student, in Haematology Research with Vera Ignjatovic and Paul Monagle.
What is Friedreich ataxia? Friedreich ataxia is an inherited, progressive, neurological condition characterised by increasing unsteadiness of gait (the way a person walks), loss of balance, impaired sensation in the arms and legs, muscle weakness and changes in heart function.
What is mitochondrial disease? All cells in our bodies require energy to function properly. More than 90% of the bodies essential energy is created by organelles within the cells called mitochondria (think of them as the powerplants of the cell).
Antoinette Barallon shares her story. There are a lot of food allergies in our family. My stepson has food allergies, so I was always aware they could happen in children. I first discovered my eldest child, Sarah, had food allergies when she was four to six months old.
How does COVID-19 impact kids? In our sixth and final podcast episode of 'Parenting in the age of coronavirus', host Professor Sharon Goldfeld leads a discussion with internationally-recognised child health experts from Murdoch Children's Research Institute - Associate Professor Kirsten Perrett and Professor David Burgner - about their research into COVID-19 and its impact on children and adolescents in Australia.
By Emily Weight. It was heartbreaking to watch helplessly as my gregarious little girl turned into a shy, introverted child in the space of a year. When Daisy started to talk, she was the usual noisy toddler, making sounds and gurgling away.
Paul Hockey is a Project Coordinator with the Childhood to Adolescence Transition Study within the Population Health theme. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to join MCRI I started at MCRI in 2015.
What can parents of secondary schoolers do to support their children to safely transition back to school? In our forth podcast episode internationally-recognised child health researchers, and adolescent psychologist and psychiatrist from Murdoch Children's Research Institute - Professor George Patton and Dr Lisa Mundy - provide tips on positive change, creating new routines and dealing with disruption in school.
Image l-r: MCRI Professor Angela Morgan, Azelene - (Sian's mum), Sian, and WIHI Professor Melanie Bahlo at the launch of the Genetics of Stuttering Study. Written by Sian Williams, 13 I was five when my teacher told my parents that she thought I might have a stutter.