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Many people are aware that low levels of iron in their body can lead anaemia, with symptoms such as fatigue. But few realise that too much iron can result in a potentially fatal condition.
To celebrate World Cerebral Palsy Day, we would like to put cerebral palsy on the map by highlighting some facts to dispel a few of the myths associated with this condition.
"What does it mean to have cerebral palsy?" Deakin University researcher Dr Cadeyrn Gaskin gives us an insight into cerebral palsy in this honest and thought-provoking blog post.
7 October is World Cerebral Palsy Day. To help put cerebral palsy on the map, we would like to introduce you to Oliver, a young adult with cerebral palsy who is doing some great things and is willing to share some of his life with you.
Sleep is one of the top reasons that parents seek health advice in the early years, and no wonder. Sleep problems are common in the early years and when young children are not well rested then their parents probably won’t be well rested either. When that happens, both parents and young children tend to have poorer health and wellbeing.
This September 17, our family and friends will celebrate the inaugural Kleefstra Syndrome Awareness Day. Our little girl Olivia is one of a just a few hundred people in the world who have been diagnosed with rare genetic fault which results in severe developmental delays, intellectual disabilities and physical abnormalities. To us, she is perfect.