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Mihiri Silva , Murdoch Children's Research Institute Curious Kids is a series for children. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, send it to You might also like the podcast Imagine This , a co-production between ABC KIDS listen and The Conversation, based on Curious Kids.
“It is only by understanding disease burdens and examining patient outcomes that we can improve the services we deliver and the health of our communities.” It is with this sentiment in mind that Paediatric Surveillance Officer, Edilson Yano, carries out his research into the country’s yearly child morbidity and mortality data.
Written by Stem Cells Australia members Freya Bruveris and Ana Rita Leitoguinho from Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and Jennifer Hollands from The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.
Written by Constantine Gasser | PhD Student in Community Health Services Research at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute In the lead up to Christmas, with the added availability of many other calorie-rich foods such as fruit-mince tarts, chocolates and Christmas hams in supermarkets, we can be tempted to abandon our normally healthy diets.
Written by Dr Carmen Pace, Clinical Psychologist and Knowledge Transfer Fellow, Centre of Research Excellence in Cerebral Palsy Being a parent of a child with a disability involves both rewarding and joyful moments, as well as more difficult times – just like parenting any child.
Written by Rachel Toovey, Principal Investigator Associate Investigators/Contributing researchers: A/Prof Alicia Spittle (VIBeS), Dr Adrienne Harvey (DDRR), A/Prof Jenny McGinley (UoM), A/Prof Katherine Lee (MCTC), Dr Sophy Shih (Deakin), Charmaine Bernie (DDRR) Children with cerebral palsy (CP) have problems with movement to varying degrees – some children can walk independently but have difficulties with sports and high level mobility, while other children are medically complex and get around using a wheelchair.