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Becoming a parent is a journey into unchartered waters – the physical and emotional demands of looking after a newborn are exhausting and constant. Not surprisingly, depression and anxiety are common among both new mothers and fathers but, for some, depression may come later.
How would you feel about your doctor monitoring your mental health by what you post on social media? Two trainee psychiatrists from Oxford University suggest that doctors could improve patient outcomes and patient care by looking at their patients’ social networking sites .
Our laboratory research team found that a medication called resveratrol increases the amount of frataxin produced by cells. Resveratrol is a natural substance found in grapes and nuts and is also present in red wine.
Originally published on Impatient Optimists August 21, 2013 . The clinic is buzzing with mothers, babies and small children. The babies are weighed and measured, and given vitamins and vaccinations. Outside the gates, the village has gathered, with vendors selling snacks and colorful plastic toys.
Taryn Charles, Public Health Genetics Many people these days complain of feeling overwhelmed by information. But for pregnant women having prenatal testing, it’s a very real situation. Chorionic villus sampling and amniocentesis are two ways of collecting samples from a developing baby to test for genetic abnormalities such as Down syndrome and cystic fibrosis.
Last year, over six million children died before their fifth birthday. That’s more than the entire population of young children in Australia today. But the vast majority of these deaths take place out of our sight, and so for the most part, out of our minds.
Did you know mindfulness practice can improve work performance, relationships, immune function, and general wellbeing?