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Genes. Even rice grains have them. Strangely enough, rice grains actually have more genes than humans! You might say “But we’re so complex, the “pinnacle of creation”, yet a grain of rice has more genes than I do? Shouldn’t I, the most complex being in the world, have more genes?
Growing up, I had the option of pursuing either medicine or a career in research. I chose research and I have never looked back, until now.
People of refugee background are ordinary people caught in exceptional circumstances. War and human rights abuse is a commonality for those fleeing from their home and country. We know that the impact of torture and trauma lasts for years, with impacts that are intergenerational.
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a common cause of childhood disability, with recent estimates suggesting that up to one in every 30 children will sustain a TBI before the age of 16.