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Meet Professor Nigel Curtis and the BRACE trial team

Almost 400 researchers and staff across five countries are involved in the BRACE BCG vaccine trial study team.

Professor Nigel Curtis

Prof Nigel Curtis, BRACE trial Chief Principal Investigator

Professor Nigel Curtis is a paediatric infectious diseases physician and clinician scientist. He is the leader of the Infectious Diseases Research Group at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Professor of Paediatric Infectious Diseases at The University of Melbourne and Head of Infectious Diseases at The Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne.

The BRACE trial is a randomised controlled clinical trial working to determine if BCG vaccination reduces the impact of COVID-19 and other diseases in healthcare workers. Since launching in March 2020, the trial has recruited more than 6800 participants in five countries.

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A global effort to study BCG off-target effects

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International Principal Investigators from 36 sites


Nigel Curtis
Tony Korman
Niki Tan

Western Australia

Peter Richmond
Laurens Manning
Michaela Lucas

South Australia

David Lynn
Simone Barry
Helen Marshall

New South Wales

Nicholas Wood
Mark Douglas
Brendan McMullan
Jeffrey Post
Anthony Byrne
Craig Munns

The Netherlands

Marc Bonten
Cristina Prat Aymerich
Jan Kluytmans
Jet Gisolf
Wim Boersma
Jaap ten Oever


Jesús Rodríguez Baño
Antoni Rosell
Tomás Perez Porcuna
Josune Goikoetxea
Maria Carmen Fariñ Álvarez
Adilia Warris

United Kingdom

John Campbell
Daniel Webber-Rookes
Alex Harding
James Moore
Michael Gibbons
Tamsin Venton


Julio Croda
Margareth Dalcolmo
Marcus Lacerda
Bruno Jardim

The BRACE trial - one year on

Prof Curtis, international Principal Investigators, Ann Ginsberg of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the global study team celebrate one year since the trial began.Brace study team participants

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Feature videos

Anna Ginsberg

BRACE marks Clinical Trials Day 2021

Hear from Ann Ginsberg, of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, about how the BRACE trial has risen to the challenge of running the largest BCG vaccine study for healthcare workers during the global pandemic.

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Margareth Dalcolmo

Brazil joins the BRACE trial

Pulmonologist, Professor Margareth Dalcolmo, coordinator of the BRACE trial Brazil in Rio de Janeiro, called on healthcare professionals to join the study in January 2021.

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