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2017 Series


  • Electronic media and emotional and behavioural problems media release

MCRI release and Royal Children’s Hospital blog (same text)

Channel 10: "Taking a toll" broadcast 6th January 2016
Channel 9 : “Digital dementia”  broadcast 6th January 2016

The Sydney Morning Herald: “Too much TV and video linked to mental health issues for boys, not so for girls: research” published 6th January 2017
The Daily Telegraph: “Video games_ Research find boys emotional health and behaviour are affected due to amount of hours playing” published 6th January 2017
Medical Xpress: “TV and video games link to emotional and behavioural problems among young boys” published 6th January 2017

2UE Talking Lifestyle: “Can TV and video games cause problems” broadcast 19th January 2017
2GB: “The expert with Lisa Mundy” broadcast 18th January 2017 


  • The CATS Study have collaborated with Response Ability to develop a great factsheet on transitioning from childhood to adolescence. Click here to read more and download a copy of the factsheet.


  • International Congress of Pediatrics 2016 and European Public Health Conference 2016: Dr Silja Kosola presented CATS data at the IPA conference in Vancouver, Canada and the EUPHA conference in Vienna, Austria showing the association between pain symptoms and decreased academic achievement

  • Australia and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders 2016: Dr Elizabeth Hughes attended the ANZAE conference in Christchurch, New Zealand and presented findings on the association between pubertal hormones and body dissatisfaction

  • Inner Northern Joining the Dots Project: Dr Lisa Mundy and Kate Hardiman presented a workshop for the Joining the Dots Project. They outlined some of the key developmental changes from childhood to adolescence, and how this plays out in the transition from primary to secondary school.

  • Society for Research on Adolescence (SRA) Biennial Meeting 2016: Lisa recently went to the USA to present at the 2016 SRA conference in Baltimore! Here she presented a poster on electronic media use and academic performance, and gave a talk as part of a symposium. Congratulations Lisa!

  • Society for Mental Health Research (SMHR) Conference 2015: Lisa recently presented at the SMHR conference in Brisbane. She presented on some recent data CATS has examined looking at the association between bullying and academic outcomes. 

  • Australian Association of Adolescent Health (AAAH) Conference in November 2015: The RCH’s Centre for Adolescent Health hosted the 2015 Australian Association of Adolescent Health conference, right here in our very own Melbourne! Hundreds of health professionals, researchers, education personnel and youth representatives travelled from all over Australia and the world to attend. The conference served as a collaborative platform to present and discuss a broad range of important issues at the forefront of adolescent health and wellbeing.

    Lisa presenting at AAAH conference

    CATS has a particular focus on lots of these topics! ​CATS was strongly represented at the conference by many of its team, including Prof George Patton (Principal Investigator),  Dr Lisa Mundy (Project Manager), Prof Susan Sawyer (Associate Investigator) and Sophie Barker (Project Coordinator). CATS got the conference off to a great start, with Lisa Mundy presenting an overview of our globally unique study, along with some interesting preliminary findings. Global conferences such as this help ensure that studies such as CATS can have far-reaching, positive impacts on both policies and health outcomes for future generations. Phot below - Lisa showing off CATS on the big screen… well done, Lisa!

  • Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) Presentation in March 2015: Our project manager, Lisa Mundy was recently in the US presenting data from the CATS study at the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD). Lisa presented a poster on media use and emotional and behavioural problems (you can see the poster here). We are very excited here at CATS that some of our data is being presented at such a reputable conference. Well done Lisa! 

  • Society for Mental Health Research in December 2014: Mundy et al. Academic performance in 8-9 year old children with common emotional and behavioural problems.

  • International Congress of Pediatrics in August 2013: Mundy et al. Behavioural and emotional problems during early puberty. Download a copy of the poster.


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