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What are we doing to tackle COVID-19 and its effects?

As one of the foremost medical research institutes in the world, MCRI has quickly mobilised its resources, scale and partnerships to combat COVID-19. We are collaborating with research Institutes and health authorities globally to overcome the virus. 

We are focused on the areas where we have the expertise to support the global effort. To that end, we have established a group of clinical and research experts to coordinate our research into COVID-19 - The Melbourne Children’s COVID-19 Research Program, a multi-disciplinary team of more than 50 clinicians and researchers with expertise in infectious diseases, clinical epidemiology, clinical trials, immunology, virology, social science and public health. 

Our focus is on potential interventions to lessen the virus’ impact, and research into the short- and long-term effects of the infection on children, families and health care workers. 

We have identified six key areas where MCRI has the research expertise and experience to support the global effort:

COVID Response

What vaccines & therapeutics could be developed to combat the virus? Our work has already begun with a BCG vaccination trial


What are the clinical features, incidence and transmission patterns of COVID- 19 in children?

COVID Immune

What are the immunological factors associated with COVID- 19 severity and protection?

COVID Wellbeing

What are the short, medium and long term societal, mental health and economic impacts on children and families?

COVID Vulnerable

What is the impact on the most vulnerable communities including social disadvantage and chronic illness?

COVID Global

What is the impact on children and their families in developing countries, and strategies to mitigate this

Our Engagement & Philanthropy team are ready to provide additional information about any of our COVID- 19 or existing research initiatives and available to talk with you over the phone.  You can contact the team on (03) 9936 6362 or