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Healthier lives, stronger economy: Victoria’s Health and Medical Research Strategy 2016-2020

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy Minister today visited the Murdoch Children's Research Institute to announce the government’s new $20 million Health and Medical Research strategy.

The Institute welcomes the four-year plan, Healthier Lives, Stronger Economy: Victoria’s Health and Medical Research Strategy 2016-2020, which supports new and evolving fields of world-class medical research such as genomics and personalised medicine.

It also includes a focus on quickly translating breakthroughs in health and medical research into clinical practice.

Integrating research, education and health, attracting more clinical trials and optimising the emerging areas of big data and informatics are some of the key priorities outlined in the strategy.

In its first year, the strategy will invest in the coordination of clinical trials, including $3 million through the Medical Research Acceleration Fund and $600,000 for Postdoctoral Research Fellowships.

The plan includes support for world-class medical research like genomics, which has helped families like Heather Renton find answers for her daughter Becky’s genetic condition.

Born with low muscle tone, ­vision-impairment and an intellectual disability, Becky didn’t walk until she was three or talk until she was four.

Finally, after years of heartache and failed ­attempts at diagnosis, MCRI geneticists in September 2015 established that Becky was missing 12 letters on a particular gene called FOX P1 – a diagnosis she shares with only 13 other children worldwide. The diagnosis has brought relief to Heather and her family. They now know there is no danger of family members passing on the gene, which was caused by a mutation, and they can be ­confident Becky’s condition is not life-threatening.

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