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Generation Victoria (GenV)

A world-leading opportunity for better lifelong health and learning

The need

Every parent wants the best for their child.

Addressing the childhood roots of ill health and low economic productivity may be the best way to lessen the burden of ageing and increase the population’s productivity to meet tomorrow’s needs. 

GenV has set out to solve four key issues:

  1. Turn around the unprecedented rates of adult diseases (such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney failure, osteoporosis).  Without action, the GDP health spend is predicted to top 13% by 2030.
  2. Reduce the burden of modern epidemics for children, such as school failure, depression, obesity, autism, asthma, and antisocial behaviours. Today’s children need:
    • Better treatments for modern childhood problems
    • Better services that are equitable, consistent, effective, needed and affordable
    • Better preventive care, to ensure the best health and development for tomorrow’s adults
    • Better predictive tools, so care can be tailored and targeted, and unnecessary care avoided
  3. Change the landscape of how large scale research happens, because traditional research methods are too cumbersome, short-term and costly to scale up to the level needed.
  4. Reap the full benefit of Victoria’s investment into its outstanding health and educational services. Our statewide data infrastructure is under-utilised for innovative solutions.

The vision

To create the world’s most exciting children’s health, development and wellbeing project to answer today’s pressing policy and practice questions. 

Gen V aims to engage Victorian researchers, policymakers and practitioners in the quest to find practical, testable and translatable solutions to issues for Victorian children in real time as they emerge. Gen V will:

  • Embed a research capability into Victoria’s unique fabric of health and education services, creating a data-active, self-learning state. This drives discovery, change and a lasting legacy.
  • Start in pregnancy, as the first 1000 days are critical to a child’s future. Gen V’s statewide cradle-to-grave cohort can include every Victorian child and drives the whole of state data transformation.
  • Create a generation of researchers, practitioners and policy-makers who speak each other’s language, providing mutual benefit and lasting partnerships for change.
  • Place Victoria at the forefront of Australian and international innovation in research and data, and its transformation into evidence-based programs and policies.

The resulting international research hub will benefit both children now and the adults they become.

Why here, why now?

These needs are urgent. Victoria has the capability right now to connect its investments into a whole-of-state, solution-focused platform, a skilled workforce, and world-leading research institutions. Gen V would put Victoria in the international spotlight for research power and innovation that deliver better outcomes.  

The current situation

Excellent but unconnected statewide services/datasets, on which billions of dollars are spent annually. 

Current funding situation for Victorian statewide services

The Gen V proposition

A fundamental shift in how data are collected and used. It is built on Victoria’s world-leading early childhood and health infrastructure and systems, which do not exist in many other OECD countries. Gen V adjusts, adds and enhances at key ages.

Gen V Proposition

What is Gen V?

Generation Victoria is a world-first initiative that transforms all of Victoria into a dynamic platform geared to solve pressing questions and improve children’s health, development and wellbeing.

Gen V consists of three major inter-related components:

  • Gen V 2020: One of the world’s largest birth cohorts, driving enhanced statewide data linkage that benefits all of Victoria.
  • Gen V Solution Hubs: Emerging avenues of research that embrace innovation, triggered by Gen V 2020 to find solutions that are currently out of reach.
  • Gen V Big Data: Advanced processing and analytics, ensuring Gen V’s legacy of data linkage and use is available to Victorian health and education systems into the future.

Gen V Solution Hubs: Lasting benefits for Victoria

Many avenues can be explored simultaneously, flexibly and efficiently, reducing costs and providing a framework in which even marginalised groups can participate fully. It’s a whole new approach to how data and research interface with the policy and practice world. Partnerships and implementation frameworks drive knowledge translation to ensure impact. The Figure shows each Solution Hub’s benefits. 

Gen V’s focus areas

Our five focus areas are chosen for their burden, cost and Victoria’s acknowledged research leadership: 

Wellbeing iconWellbeing (including mental health, vulnerability, disparities and exclusion)
Obesity iconObesity (including cardiovascular and metabolic health)
Allergy iconAllergy (including food allergy, asthma and autoimmune disease)
Infection iconInfection (including inflammation and use of antibiotics)
Brain iconBrain (including neurodevelopment, educational attainment, special needs and disability)

Innovation, inclusion, efficiency

Gen V is driven by core principles that systematically create a powerful platform for research, practice and policy.

Gen V Core Principles

Project Lead

Project Manager