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Discover how to fundraise your own way

Our research improves the lives of millions of kids each year and your support is essential in helping our ground-breaking research projects come to life. 

Whether you decide to host an event, get sponsored by friends or simply ask for a donation, you will be helping us to make a difference for children, families and their communities.

Share your passion for child health with your networks to make an extraordinary impact on children’s lives.

How can you make a difference?                                                               

Organise your own fundraising event

If you would like to host your own fundraising event or activity and have chosen MCRI as your charity to support, email the team to request an Authority to Fundraise Form. The MCRI Engagement & Philanthropy Team will then be in touch to provide you with the form and support on your fundraising journey.

Join a challenge

Bike rides, colour runs, triathlons & walks are just some of the ways you can support our research. Once you’ve registered for your chosen event, set up a personalised fundraising page by visiting GoFundraise, click ‘start fundraising’ & select Murdoch Children’s Research Institute as your chosen charity.

There are so many ways that you can get involved and our MCRI Engagement & Philanthropy Team are here to help you. If you have any questions about your fundraising efforts please email the team for support. 

Meet a few of our amazing fundraisers



MCRI supporter Hannah Casper found a creative way to supply friends and family with coffee and cake while supporting the vital work of MCRI. 

She set up Coosy's Coffee, a delivery coffee service run from her home machine in between her uni studies. Hannah provided coffee for family and friends and teamed up with Babka Baker who provided delicious cakes to accompany her coffees.

Through her efforts, Hannah raised $2000 and decided to donate all proceeds to MCRI. 


For seven year-old Rosie, watching her sister Katie go through three-and-a-half years of chemotherapy was really tough.

Katie has neurofibromatosis Type 1 (NF1), a disease that affects one in every 3000 children and looks different for each one of them. For some children, the effects are mild. For Katie it meant years of gruelling chemotherapy.

Rosie knew she couldn’t come into our labs and help out the researchers, but still wanted to do something to help her sister and other kids like her. So she came up with a creative way to raise money — she asked people to sponsor her to cut off her hair.

Rosie’s hair was ultimately made into a wig for a child who lost her hair to cancer treatment. For MCRI, Rosie’s efforts raised an amazing $4000. These funds will go to support work on neurofibromatosis being done by Dr Jonathan Payne and his team in the Brain and Mind Research Group at MCRI.


Grace Shoolman was just nine when she decided she was sick of having cold hands on the playground in winter, so she came up with a clever idea to fix that, and turned it into her very own business!

Monkey Mitts are grippy gloves for kids to wear in the playground when it’s cold. Grace donated $2 from the sale of each pair of gloves to MCRI. 

To all of our incredible fundraisers, we thank you for your innovation & generosity. You have made a positive difference to child health here and around the world. 

If you would like to support MCRI we would love to hear from you! Email the team to discuss your fundraising vision for MCRI or click for more community fundraising ideas to get you started.

On behalf of all of the kids we help – Thank-you from MCRI!