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Support from community groups continues to be vital to our research programs, as we endeavor to made new discoveries that translate into new treatments, or better yet, cures.

Donor support is vital in helping our research projects come to life. By organising your own fundraising activity you can make a contribution, however big or small, to supporting research into conditions which affect children. Our world-class research has already saved millions of lives, but it could not happen without your help. Whether you decide to host an event, get sponsored by friends or simply ask for a donation, you will be helping us to save lives.

If you need inspiration for fundraising ideas, we have compiled a list to assist you and help get you started:

  • Host a golf day
  • E-bay auction
  • Have a talent night
  • Silent auction
  • Hold a trivia night
  • Have a trash & treasure sale
  • Casual day at work or school
  • Chocolate or food drive
  • Host longest lunch
  • Game night / day
  • Raffles
  • School or work sports day
  • Treasure hunt
  • Theatre preview night


Volunteering is a great way to support Murdoch Children's, and a fantastic way for your community group to engage with the Institute. By sharing your skills and passion for medical research, you can help make our events and campaigns more successful, to ensure our work continues to impact the lives of children everywhere. If you are interested in helping make our events a success, whilst having a great time doing something good, please contact us.