Precision Child Health aims to prevent or delay diseases in healthy children. When children do get sick, Precision Child Health will offer care that is precisely tailored for the individual child.

Tackling these complex issues, and Precision Child Health, requires experts from a range of disciplines, working collaboratively, armed with genetic, behavioural, environmental and clinical information to better understand the various factors underpinning the disorder in each individual.

At Murdoch Children’s we have the required breadth and depth of expertise, and a wealth of data to find the answers. We are embarking on an ambitious Precision Child Health program to connect the wealth of research and clinical information that harnesses the latest technological developments.

Our six strategic initiatives are connecting our clinical and community trials, integrating genomics and stem cell medicine into standard health care and using valuable data from large population studies both here and abroad to better understand and improve the health of children today.

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Boy holding genetic model toy

Genomics and personalised medicine

Our program of ultra-rapid genomic testing is revolutionising the diagnosis and treatment of rare and potentially severe genetic conditions.

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Global health

The Melbourne Children's Global Health Initiative aims to reduce inequity and improve child and adolescent health in developing countries around the world.

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Creating a healthy start to life is vital to reduce disease risk later in life, and close the gaps created by social and economic inequities.

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Stem cell medicine in the laboratory

Stem cell medicine

Murdoch Children’s Stem Cell Medicine is a world-leading research program tackling the toughest issues affecting children's health.

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Clinical translation

Our strategic focus is to transform research into prevention, early intervention, better treatment, advance health policy and practice, and improve health and well-being for all children.

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Computational biology

Our data scientists, researchers, mathematicians, engineers, and clinical geneticists are pioneering advanced methods to improve health outcomes for children with rare or common diseases.

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