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Enzo PorrelloResearch excellence in Stem Cell Medicine

The Murdoch Children’s Research Institute is one of the top three child health research institutes worldwide, tackling the toughest issues affecting children’s health. Murdoch Children's Stem Cell Medicine is a research program established to drive the discoveries of fundamental stem cell biology toward medical outcomes for patients. 

Our co-location within the Royal Children’s Hospital, sitting squarely within the Parkville Biomedical Precinct ideally places Murdoch Children's to lead research, collaborate closely with clinicians, biomedical scientists, engineers, ethicists and the biotechnology sector, to deliver stem cell medical breakthroughs into the clinic.

At Murdoch Children's Stem Cell Medicine, we are proactively building our critical mass of stem cell scientists, strategically investing in cutting-edge technology platforms and state of the art facilities.

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How our experts are moving stem cell research to medicine

Our expertise at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute lies in our excellence in the generation of stem cells from a patient’s blood or skin cells. These cells are known as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). Our researchers are then able to differentiate the iPSCs into specialised tissues we wish to study – for example blood, kidney, brain or heart. This gives us the possibility to model diseases from patients, and work towards developing treatments for many incurable conditions.