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Rachel Peters

Predicting the children who'll outgrow allergies

Associate Professor Rachel Peters talks to Dr Norman Swan from the Health Report about the recent discovery on how to identify the children that are more likely to grow out of their allergy.

18 May 2024

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Ella Swaney

Blood protein could help identify kids prone to long term concussion

MCRI researcher Ella Swaney speaks to ABC RN Breakfast about the discovery of a blood protein which could help identify those children who are likely to suffer longer-term effects, and help guide parents in preventing or managing concussion.

10 April 2024

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Professor Stuart Kinner

What does the justice system do to kids' health?

Professor Stuart Kinner speaks to Tegan Taylor about the health risks of children who have contact with the youth justice system.

24 February 2024

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Dr Danya Vears

Navigating Inductive Content Analysis in Qualitative Research

Dr Danya Vears speaks to the Between the Data podcast about how to conduct inductive content analysis (ICA).

15 January 2024

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Professor Harriet Hiscock

How do we better support GPs working in the mental health space?

Professor Harriet Hiscock speaks to the Conversation Hour about how Murdoch Children's Research Institute is working to support GPs and clinicians working in the mental health space.

27 November 2023

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Associate Professor Lisa Hui

Birthing in the world of COVID

Associate Professor Lisa Hui speaks to Tegan Taylor on ABC Radio about how COVID lockdowns affected birth in Victoria.

30 October 2023

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Associate Professor Rachel Peters

Is birth by caesarean linked to allergy risk?

Associate Professor Rachel Peters speaks to the Naked Scientists podcast on the potential links between c-section births and increased allergy risk.

26 May 2023

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Professor Harriet Hiscock

Why won’t you sleep?!

Professor Harriet Hiscock speaks to the Beyond the Bump podcast about why children aged 3-8 may be having sleep issues.

26 July 2022

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Professor Sharon Goldfield

Building blocks for life: public health and kids

Professor Sharon Goldfield speaks to the Life's Lottery: Backing Kids podcast about how families can be best supported during a child’s early years.

6 April 2022

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