The scholarship is awarded annually for academic merit in the Master of Biomedical Science and Master of Science (Mathematics and Statistics) to the highest ranked female student entering the degree. 

We had a chat to Erin to find out a bit more about her research and her experience with MCRI so far:

Tell us about your research
I am a Master of Biomedical Science student doing a research project with the Genetics Education and Health Research Group. Genomic medicine holds much promise, but for patients to benefit, a genomics-literate workforce must exist. My project, part of Program 4 of the Australian Genome Health Alliance, led by Professor Sylvia Metcalfe and Associate Professor Clara Gaff, is focused on determining the educational and training needs of non-genetic health professionals who may contribute to the future genomics workforce.

Why did you choose to study at MCRI?
I have long been interested in genetic counselling and the social implications of genetic/genomic tests. My supervisor, Professor Metcalfe, presented several memorable lectures during my undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Biomedicine at the University of Melbourne), and I was inspired to join her research group and gain some invaluable research experience.

What are some of the highlights of your time at MCRI so far?
Although the transition to post-graduate study has been challenging, it is a real privilege to study at the MCRI amongst such distinguished researchers. The Institute and my wonderful supervisors have been very accommodating and welcoming thus far. I love been able to attend some of the different seminars on offer each week – the more you learn, the more you learn how little you know!