Join UooUoo on a colourful outdoor adventure to help raise funds for the The Royal Children's Hospital and change the future of paediatric healthcare for generations to come.

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of The Royal Children's Hospital (RCH) Melbourne, Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) has partnered with the the RCH Foundation to bring colour and creativity to the streets of Melbourne and Geelong with a spectacular public art trail.

Commencing on Wednesday 20 January 2021, Me and UooUoo (pronounced you-you) will combine Victoria's renowned passion for the arts and culture with a dash of outdoor adventure, encouraging communities to reconnect with their cities, and be active by visiting one hundred unique art sculptures.

Each UooUoo – individually designed by an Australian artist and sponsored by a Victorian business – will find a home in laneways, streets, parks and public spaces, forming walking trails throughout Melbourne and Geelong. When the art trail finishes, the sculptures will then be auctioned to raise funds for The Royal Children's Hospital.

What is Uoo Uoo?

UooUoo has been created by award-winning Melbourne artist Alexander Knox, who also created the iconic sculpture 'Creature' that stands in the main foyer of the RCH. UooUoo is an imaginary Australian creature whose shape is loosely drawn from the wombat and dugong. A mysterious being, UooUoo is highly empathetic, playful and brave, but can be mischievous at times.

Where can you find UooUoo?

One hundred UooUoos will be dotted throughout laneways, streets, parks, beaches and public spaces across Melbourne and Geelong. To access the Art trail, which launches on January 20, click here: 

MCRI's UooUoo

MCRI has adopted a UooUoo named Thought Forms, designed by local artist Sid Sprague. Sprague's work has appeared in numerous exhibitions- most recently at the Warrnambool Art Gallery and the MOSS skate deck art show. Thought Forms will be located at the Queen Victoria Market.

Thought Forms is a colourful celebration of art and mind, where consciousness and the unconscious gravitate in centroverted harmony. Emotive elements encapsulate feelings and moments where all things are possible and all limitations fade away. The moments when everything is poised in perfection.