Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) researcher Dr Jonathan Kaufman has been awarded a University of Melbourne Chancellor's Prize for Excellence in PhD Thesis, for his work on diagnostic processes for young children with urinary tract infections.

Dr Kaufman's thesis focused on improving non-invasive urine sample collection methods. He has developed the Quick-Wee voiding stimulation method and has shown it is more effective, cost-effective, and acceptable than standard care. Importantly, it is gentle for children and simple for clinicians.

His research has addressed key evidence gaps and contributed new knowledge to optimise the investigation of UTI in young children. These findings have changed the practice and have been implemented in policies and guidelines internationally.

Dr Jonathan Kaufman is a General Paediatrician at Sunshine Hospital and Director of Clinical Training at Western Health. He is completing his PhD in the Health Services Research Group, at MCRI and with the University of Melbourne.