Enzo Porrello and child in lab coats

Australians are being urged to dig deep to support world leading child health research at Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI).

MCRI is Australia's largest child health research institute and is ranked top three in the world for quality and impact.

A tax-deductible gift can be made through the Brilliant Minds Fund, supporting MCRI’s team of over 1,800 researchers to continue their research in Melbourne’s world-renowned biomedical research hub.

The research scope at MCRI spans the A-Z of child health conditions from discovering new treatments for genetic diseases and trailing new vaccines to unlocking the potential of stem cell medicine and better understanding some of the biggest problems facing our children and adolescents including obesity, asthma, autism, food allergies and mental illness.  

MCRI Stem Cell Medicine Theme Director, Professor Enzo Porrello, said a key mission was to find treatments and cures for 150 common and rare childhood diseases and conditions.

“The discoveries, treatments and innovations led by MCRI have impacted millions of lives globally and our research continues to focus on the greatest child health challenges of our time,” he said.

Professor Porrello leads a team that is pioneering stem cell treatments for heart and kidney diseases, skeletal muscle disorders, leukaemia, brain cancer, respiratory conditions and juvenile diabetes.

“Many of these childhood diseases remain incurable, but funding through these appeals helps our world-leading researchers at MCRI make breakthrough discoveries and develop innovative treatments to improve the quality of life for these children.”

MCRI is also building a strong reputation in gender equity, following the recent Athena Swan Bronze Award from Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE).

Supporters can make a gift through MCRI’s Brilliant Minds Fund as part of the 2024 Tax Appeal. 

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Make a gift through MCRI’s Brilliant Minds Fund

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