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11 year old Kai gives generously to child health research

Institute News
Tuesday, December 22, 2015 - 11:15am
Kai fundraises for Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Meet Kai, an inspiring youngster who started his own fundraising drive to raise more than $550 to support children with heart conditions. According to Kai, finding something fun to do is the key to raising funds and being able to make a difference in the lives of others. We couldn’t be more thankful for his efforts.

11 year old Kai (pictured middle above with siblings Eza and Leila) recently raised more than $550 for Murdoch Children's Institute by selling chocolate lollipops within his local community.

After taking part in a school tour of the Institute’s research laboratories, Kai was inspired to make a difference by starting his own fundraising initiative.

“The scientists told us how kids with heart issues spend so much time in hospital and this makes it harder for them to do the things they enjoy.  I saw that these scientists are really keen to help sick kids here in Australia and all over the world, so I knew any money I raised could make a difference,” Kai said. 

With a little brainstorming, it didn’t take long for Kai’s lollipop business to boom.

“I wanted to make something that both kids and adults would like, and from my experience on cake stalls at school I know the more expensive things don’t sell too fast; but one time I did choc-dipped strawberries on sticks and they sold out quicker than I could blink,” Kai explained.

Once Kai settled on making and selling lollipops he channelled all of his energy into drumming up business by sending emails, writing letters and telling friends of his intention to raise $300 in support of Murdoch Children's Research Institute.

The response was overwhelming.

A family friend donated all of the chocolate needed to start making his products and many others pitched in by donating lollipop moulds, sticks, cellophane bags and curling ribbon.

Kai fundraises for Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Kai found that once people heard he was raising money for the Institute and they saw the quality of his product (with mouth-watering flavours such as roasted hazelnut and candied orange) the orders came thick and fast.

Kai’s fundraising soon became a family affair, with his sister Leila and brother Eza helping in the kitchen and Mum and Dad driving around town to deliver the goods.

“I charged $1 per lollipop because I learnt that even a small amount can help Murdoch Children's scientists to find treatments and cures for really bad medical problems. I thought even if I only sell one lollipop, I could still make a difference”, said Kai.

Kai believes the key to his fundraising success is because he came up with an idea that was fun, and shares that his passion for supporting Murdoch Children's is unlikely to stop at selling lollipops.

“Heart problems can make playing sport difficult, so I’ve thought about asking people to sponsor me to do a basketball challenge, which I love playing and really works the heart hard. Maybe shooting 10,000 baskets from the free throw line – not in a row, but over a few weeks”, Kai suggested.

Kai’s involvement supporting Murdoch Children's truly shows that every bit counts and we can all do something to make a difference.

We would like to thank Kai for his dedication and support and making the tremendous effort to raise awareness and funds integral to the important work of the Institute.