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We need your help to make breakthroughs like these a reality! Click here to find out the latest on this research and to show your support. Sarah and Olivia were both diagnosed with a peanut allergy at an early age; both severe enough that they needed to carry an EpiPen in case of anaphylaxis. However, since taking part in our peanut allergy immunotherapy trial, both girls are able to tolerate peanut – and Sarah regularly includes peanuts in all forms of her diet. Over 60 peanut allergic children in the study were either given a dose of a probiotic, Lactobacillus rhamnosus, together with peanut protein in increasing amounts, or a placebo over 18 months to assess whether children would become tolerant to peanut. The probiotic was a fixed daily dose, while the peanut oral immunotherapy was a daily dose of peanut protein starting at very low doses followed by a...
Research News
Women who have a caesarean section, forceps or vacuum extraction are more likely to experience persisting pain during sex in the year after childbirth than women who have a vaginal birth. The findings from a longitudinal study by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute showed that women who had an emergency caesarean or vacuum extraction were twice as likely to experience pain during sex at 18 months postpartum, compared to women who had a vaginal birth with no medical intervention. The vast majority of women (86%) experienced pain the first time they had sex after childbirth. Women who had a caesarean section or vacuum extraction experienced pain for a longer period. According to lead author Doctor Ellie McDonald, the unexpected finding dispels the common myth that caesarean section results in fewer sexual problems after childbirth. “Almost all women experience some pain during sex following childbirth,” Doctor McDonald said. “Our findings show...