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Discussion paper: National Roundtable on Specific Language Impairment

Research News
Friday, May 6, 2016 - 1:45pm

In September 2015, the Centre of Research Excellence in Child Language hosted a National Roundtable on Specific Language Impairment. The roundtable brought together a range of experts from around Australia to facilitate national discussion about language impairment terminology, diagnosis and service allocation. In line with international discussions, the roundtable focussed on the suitability of the term ‘Specific Language Impairment’ and the criteria used to determine language impairment. A discussion paper outlining some of the talking points from the roundtable is now available.

You may also be interested in the outcomes of the multinational CATALISE study. CATALISE used a Delphi process to arrive at a consensus statement about identifying language impairments in children.