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Honours Student wins prize for impressive blood clot image

Student News
Tuesday, July 7, 2015 - 1:45pm
Alexander Kubicki, an Honours student in the Haematology Research team at Murdoch Children's, has won a Bio21 Research Images Competition with a vibrant image of a blood clot.

Alexander, pictured right, works under the supervision of Associate Professor Vera Ignjatovic on blood clot nano-structure, during his Honours year at the Murdoch Children's. The image shows a blood clot generated in the laboratory from whole blood extracted from a paediatric patient. The red blood cells shown in orange are connected up by spider web like bands which is made of a protein called fibrin.

“My Honours project looks at blood clot nano-structure in adults and comparing them to children, which will describe the previously unknown physiological differences between them. The physiological differences have clinical implications in anti coagulation, more-so cardiovascular diseases and stroke,” says Alexander.