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Meet the Student: Alex

Student News
Thursday, February 5, 2015 - 1:45pm
Meet PhD student, Alex.

Alex Sexton-Oates

PhD student in the Cancer & Disease Epigenetics group

A bit about my research
My project is about childhood brain cancer, which despite being quite rare, is the second most common cause of death in Australian children. Specifically, I’m looking at the biological differences between similar looking tumours (indistinguishable under the microscope) which end up having different outcomes for the patients. We want to know what it is about a tumour that leads to a good prognosis or a bad prognosis.

Why I chose to study at Murdoch Children's
I completed my honours project here and liked it so much I decided to stay for my PhD! For honours I chose to study at Murdoch Children's because I was interested in the project, but I also really liked that the Institute is situated within the Hospital. We’re really lucky to have such a mix of public health and lab-based researchers as well as clinical researchers. It’s great because you can speak to people from different professional backgrounds and they all have great ideas for work you could be doing. You can really take advantage of that specialist expertise to tailor your project.

Highlights of my time at Murdoch Children's
My work being published, that’s always really exciting. Also being the President of the Research Students Association, which has been a really rewarding experience.

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