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Meet the Student: Kylie Smith

Student News
Monday, September 21, 2015 - 12:15pm
Kylie is a Speech Pathologist completing her PhD with the Institute's Hearing Language and Literacy team.

Kylie Smith

Speech Pathologist and 2nd year PhD student, Hearing Language and Literacy Group

A bit about my research
Adults who stutter present with significantly increased risk of developing an anxiety disorder, however young children who stutter show no indication of increased anxiety. My research is looking at anxiety in older children with stuttering, with the aim of shedding some light on when anxiety onset occurs in this disorder.

Why I chose to study at Murdoch Children's
I worked as a clinician and research assistant at Murdoch Children's before returning to study. With the support of my manager and colleagues I started a Masters then converted to a PhD. Murdoch Children's is an inspiring place to study – not only do I work with leaders in the field on my own study, I also learn about other outstanding research happening here at institute. There are great opportunities to network, learn, and get involved in many different ways. I feel like I have an incredible advantage starting my research career at Murdoch Children's. 

Highlights of my time at Murdoch Children's so far
Converting to a PhD, and getting my first publication (incidentally on the same day that I had my second baby!) are both highlights to date. I have also done two radio interviews on my study which was a great experience. I look forward to completing my data analysis and getting some answers! I also look forward to travelling to conferences to present my research.  

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