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Meet the Student: Regan

Student News
Wednesday, April 22, 2015 - 10:30am
Regan is completing his Honours degree in the Cancer & Disease Epigenetics group in 2015

Regan Vryer

Honours Student, Cancer & Disease Epigenetics

A bit about my research
Telomeres are regions of chromosomes which degrade after DNA replicates. After a time, the telomere shortens so much that the cell dies or enters into a disease state and therefore the length of the telomere can be used as a marker for aging. My project for 2015 consists of measuring the variation of telomere length in newborn twins which can be used as a model for determining the environmental, genetic, age-specific, tissue-specifc and sex-specific factors influencing telomere length.

Why I chose to study at Murdoch Children's
I am a recent graduate from RMIT, completing a double degree in Biotechnology and Biomedical Science. At Murdoch Children's, I completed an undergraduate project and was selected to be a part of the Summer Student Program. I chose the Institute, as the project they offered was comprehensive and aligned with my research interests (anti-aging). I met with my supervisor who was enthusiastic and introduced me to his research group who were equally enthusiastic and engaged, which made Murdoch Children's an easy choice.

Highlights of my time at Murdoch Children's
I would consider the biggest 'boon' to be the support of my supervisor and colleagues, to become accomplished and to provide the opportunities that allow me to realise my research goals.