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Simran Kaur
Student News
Wed 22 Jun 2016 | 05:30 PM
Simran Kaur (1st year PhD student with the Neurodevelopmental Genomics Research Group) was selected to take part in the inaugural Australian French Entrepreneurship Challenge 2016, an initiative of French and Australian government, education and industry to expose Australian PhD students to the key challenges of entrepreneurship. Here she shares her experience.
Dan Lindholm
Student News
Wed 30 Mar 2016 | 12:00 PM
Dan is a Biomedicine Graduate investigating the immune response of malnourished Vietnamese children to pneumococcal and polio vaccines.
Student News
Tue 22 Mar 2016 | 07:45 AM
The Institute is pleased to announce eight of our top Honours Students have been awarded an Honours scholarship to support their studies throughout 2016.
Student News
Thu 10 Dec 2015 | 12:15 PM
At the Murdoch Children's Research Institute end of year Director’s Forum, two ‘Rising Star Awards’ were presented to PhD students Peter Azzopardi and Simon Sadedin. These awards are given to students who have significantly contributed to the Institute during 2015 and continue to excel in children’s health research.
Student News
Mon 28 Sep 2015 | 01:30 PM
Harriet Dashnow was recently awarded a highly competitive MCRI PhD Top-Up scholarship for her Bioinformatics work.