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Powering Up Digital Health Start Ups

Institute News
Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 8:45am
Bytes4Health opportunity for digital innovation
The Murdoch Children's Research Institute, in collaboration with innovation company Curve Tomorrow, is launching Bytes4Health. The program will offer digital health and medtech startups that are developing a product or interested in extending their technology into healthcare, a unique opportunity to access cutting edge medical research, clinical expertise and digital health product development experience.

The Bytes4Health program will offer two companies the chance to be embedded within the Institute for four months. Companies will also receive $25,000 to go towards the development of their technology.

They will work closely with research and clinical teams, including the Melbourne Childrens Trials Centre, a centre specialised in the evaluation and development of new healthcare products. They will also learn from the Curve Tomorrow team’s vast experience in developing products for healthcare professionals and patient communities.

Dr James Dromey General Manager Business Development and Strategy at Murdoch Children's Research Institute said, “Despite the growing number of accelerators and incubators in Australia, there are few opportunities for healthtech startups to access medical research along with clinical expertise. This broad exposure will increase the likelihood of the companies launching a successful clinically validated digital health product.”

The Bytes4Health program is founded on the highly successful and internationally recognised collaborative model established by MCRI and Curve Tomorrow, whereby Curve Tomorrow is embedded within MCRI, with access to MCRI researchers, clinicians and frontline innovators who also undertake work in a children’s hospital. This model brings together over 1900 medical research staff, revolutionary technology and software expertise to develop innovative healthcare products and services which are championed by leaders in the research and clinical field.

According to Dr James Dromey, “The model’s success is due to the convergence and integration of technology and healthcare in the development of digital health products, from product concept to commercialisation.”

This partnership has fostered a rich pipeline of over 30 health products in development with several being launched over the last few years both nationally and internationally. These include HeadCheck, an app that helps parents and coaches recognise symptoms of concussion in children and adolescents that has been endorsed by the Australian Football League (AFL).

Murdoch Children's has also established a $1 million seed fund to support promising early stage projects with commercial potential to give them the necessary momentum and increase their chances of realising commercialisation success.

Applications for the 2016 program are now open. Visit