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Our Team

The Business Development and Legal Office is a multi-faceted and collaborative team of commercialisation, innovation, product development, intellectual property, marketing, sales and legal experts.  The Commercialisation arm of the Office is responsible for assisting MCRI researchers’ to translate their discoveries and intellectual property into outcomes that have a beneficial impact to society and where appropriate, generate a commercial return to the MCRI.  The Legal arm of the Office is responsible for ensuring all research projects and collaborations (with external collaborators, industry, funders and government) are established and run under the appropriate legal framework.  

Meet the Team

Penny Glenn
Head of Legal

Dr Shari Lofthouse​
Head of Business Development ​​

Dr Jacquie Crawford
Intellectual Property Manager

Jonathon Morison
Business Development Manager

Yuen Chang
Business Development Manager

Mark Scully
IP Administrator

Amandine Philippart de Foy
Senior Contracts Manager and Privacy Officer

Marion Watrin
Senior Contracts Manager