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Bytes4Health FAQs

Q. Do I need to have a product or prototype developed to enter?

A. No not necessarily. If you have a well thought out product concept, you are encouraged to enter with this.

Q. Do I need to be a company to enter?

A. Yes.

Q. Does my product need to be a product for the paediatric market?

A. Not necessarily. Applications will be assessed as to whether MCRI has the expertise or can access those expertise.

Q. What are the selection criteria used by the expert panel to determine the finalists?

A. Applicants to the Bytes4Health program will be assessed on the following criteria:
•    Alignment of the technology with MCRI’s areas of expertise*
•    Ability of the Team to develop the product
•    Product value proposition
•    Stage of development of the product
•    Global relevance of the product

MCRI ’s research spans child and adolescent health as well as the health of family. Strategic areas of interest include:
•    Genomics and personalised medicine – Using genomics to support more accurate diagnosis and prognosis
•    Global health - Reducing health inequality in Australia and Worldwide
•    Clinical trials - Supporting a wide range of clinical trials to better the health of children
•    Population health - Transforming the health and well-being of generations of children
For more information please visit:

Q. Do I need to spend 4 months full time at MCRI?

A. No. You can choose to spend up to 5 days a week at MCRI. If you are in an accelerator or an established business you may decide to be flexible with the time you spend at each organisation.

Q. How may team members can I have at any one time at MCRI?

A. You will be provided with a hot desk at MCRI as well as access to meeting rooms.

if you have further questions regarding the Bytes4Health program please email