Stem Cell Disease Modelling & Drug Screening Facility

The Stafford Fox Disease Modelling Facility (SF-DMF) at MCRI offers an automated platform for high throughput/high content drug screening of patient’s induced Pluripotent Stem Cell (iPSC) derived tissues. 

About us

The facility was designed to enable researchers with automated data acquisition tools and data processing for modelling disease and help achieve a better understanding of the underlying molecular mechanism.

The objective of the SF-DMF is to enable researchers to progress in vitro disease models towards high throughput screening models for the identification of novel drug-like compounds. We contribute with drug screening campaign design, assay development and validation and drug screening for the identification of new drug candidates for the treatment of inherited diseases using human cells and tissues.

Screening Platform

The facility has a fully integrated platform consisting of an automated liquid handling system (Fluent1080, TECAN), an automated rotary incubator Cytomat5, ThermoFisher) and a high-speed confocal-based imaging system (CV8000, Yokogawa). This platform was tailored to enable live high throughput screening of large human organoids. This is a world-first platform that aims to accelerate human disease modelling and target validation.

Therapeutics Innovation Australia 

The MCRI Disease Modelling Facility is an NCRIS Therapeutics Innovation Australia (TIA) consortium facility. For information on TIA Access Vouchers, please visit the Therapeutic Innovation website.

Contact us

For more information, please contact:

Dr Alejandro Hidalgo Gonzalez
Team Leader / Stem Cell DMF Manager
Phone: +61 (3) 8341 6484


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