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Research Methods Training

An introduction to the key aspects of clinical research such as designing a research question, drafting an analysis plan, understanding the regulatory environment we operate in and more.

This course is only open to Melbourne Children's employees.

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A comprehensive introduction to the most commonly used methods of statistical analysis in clinical research, with an emphasis on the key underlying concepts and the interpretation of statistical findings including an introduction to the basic principles involved in determining the number of participants that need to be included in a quantitative study.

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This course will cover the concepts of data management necessary to consider before starting collection of data for your research project.  The first two sessions will identify the processes required to achieve good quality data and discuss how those processes can be managed.  The focus will be on designing and maintaining a simple database, but issues that require consideration for more complex databases will also be addressed.  The third morning is a hands-on session in a computer lab when participants will be taken through the processes of data cleaning and file management.

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This half day course is a hands-on session in a computer lab.  Participants will work through a recipe for converting raw data into robust cleaned datasets that can support robust, reliable and reproducible research results.  REDCap and Stata will be used for data entry and data checking, respectively.

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