Research Data Management

Event Details

Course Title: Research Data Management
Dates: 8 - 10 August 2017     
Time: 9.00am - 12.30pm each day
Room 1.053
Health Education & Learning Precinct (HELP)
Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne
Level 1 West Building
Royal Children's Hospital
Flemington Road
Duration: 3 half days
$170.00 for internal applicants ** Fee applies to staff from MCRI, RCH and DOPs only
$700.00 for external applicants
$450.00 for external full-time students 

Course Details

This course is run over three mornings. The first two mornings are lecture-style sessions with small group exercises. They cover the concepts of data management necessary to consider before starting collection of data for your research project.  The sessions identify the processes required to achieve good quality data and discuss how those processes can be managed.  The focus is on designing and maintaining a simple database, but issues that require consideration for more complex databases will also be addressed.

The third morning is the 'Data Management in Action' hands-on session which takes place in a computer lab.  Participants are taken through the processes of data cleaning and file management. REDCap and Stata will be used for data entry and data checking, respectively. No prior knowledge of these packages is necessary for the course but participants should understand they will require knowledge of a stats package in order to check and clean their own research data. The focus will be on the mechanics of data cleaning and organising the storage of the many files produced for a research project, not the specifics of the software packages used. However, participants will need to be familiar with computer file management within Microsoft Windows, e.g. how to recognise different file types by their extensions and how to move files between directories.

At the completion of the course participants should:

  • Understand the importance of ensuring the highest quality data for analysis purposes
  • Understand that time spent carefully planning the collections and cleaning of data avoids time-wasting and frustration at the analysis stage
  • Be able to design a simple database
  • Understand the issues involved when designing a complex, relational database and know when to seek advice
  • Be able to organise project data and analysis files in a systematic manner that will support well documented and reproducible results

Prerequisite: familiarity with computer file management within Microsoft Windows.

Materials supplied: full set of course notes plus a zipped file containing the files and directory structure used for the 'Data Management inAction' hands-on session. 
Participants to supply: not applicable.
Refreshments: morning tea will be provided.


Internal participants
Please organise with your admin/finance person to arrange transfer of funds from your cost centre to CEBU 50259.  Send a copy of the internal transfer request along with the registration form.
Payment by cheque: Please make cheque payable to the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and forward with registration form.
Payment by credit card: Please complete details on the  registration form.
Cancellation of registration
No refund will be paid for cancellations unless received 7 calendar days prior to the course start date.


Donna De Sair
Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Unit (CEBU)
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
The Royal Children's Hospital
Flemington Road
T: 9345 6368