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Stata III: Advanced Tips Tricks

Event Details

Course Title: Stata III: Data Management & Analysis

Dates: 9 November 2018

Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm 
Room 1.046A & B
Level 1
Health Education Learning Precinct
Department of Paediatrics, UOM
Royal Children's Hospital
Flemington Road
Duration: 1 full day
$155.00 for internal applicants ** Fee applies to staff from MCRI, RCH and DOP only.
$550.00 for external applicants
$330.00 for external full-time students 

Course details

In this third Stata course, participants will learn how to use Stata efficiently for more extensive and repetitive tasks, while reducing the chance of data processing errors.  Topics include conversion of non-numeric data to numeric form, using Stata's in-built variables to count across groups of observations, and familiarisation with extended methods for generating new variables from existing data.  Time-saving techniques covered include how to repeat the same command(s) for a number of variables or values (looping), and finding and downloading useful extensions to offical Stata.

By the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • Convert variables from string to numeric formats, and vice versa
  • Use the egen family of commands to generating new variables that are functions of existing ones
  • Use loops to execute the same command(s) for a number of variables or values
  • Locate and install useful extensions to official Stata
  • Reduce the amount of memory used by a data set, and increase the amount of memory available to Stata
  • Locate variables in a large data set by their name or property

Note:  The course does not cover further techniques for statistical data analysis.

This course is designed for people who have completed Stata I and Stata II and feel confident with the material contained in these courses.  It will be most useful for those who use Stata frequently to perform data management or other repetitive tasks.

Materials supplied: A full set of course notes. 
Participants to supply:  ++ Participants may elect to bring their own laptop, please see below for conditions.
NB: This option is only available for internal participants.
Refreshments: Morning and afternoon tea will be provided.


The process for registering for CEBU courses is changing from 2018.  Registration will now be via Trybooking whether you are paying via cost centre transfer, invoice or credit card. The Trybooking link is available on the information page for each course.  Please note there is an additional Trybooking fee of 30 cents per registration which will be applied when your register online.

Internal participants:
Please contact Marian Chandler via email prior to accessing Trybooking if you want to organise a cost centre transfer or invoice.  Marian will provide you with a unique promotional code which will allow you to proceed to the checkout without entering payment details. The cost centre transfer process remains the same whereby you should advise your admin/finance person to arrange the transfer of funds from your cost centre to CEBU 68092 and CC Marian into the correspondence so that payment can be confirmed.  Please DO NOT book directly through Trybooking then organise a reimbursement/cost centre transfer after the event. This creates an additional workload for both CEBU and the finance department.

Payment by credit card: Proceed directly to Trybooking and follow the prompts to register.

Register for Stata III here

Cancellation of registration:  No refund of payment will be paid for cancellations or swapping of course dates unless received 7 calendar days prior to the course start date.


Marian Chandler
Clinical Epidemiology & Biostatistics Unit (CEBU)
Murdoch Children's Research Institute
The Royal Children's Hospital
Flemington Road
T: 9936 6049

 ++Conditions when providing personal laptops

  • This option is available for MCRI, RCH & DOPs staff only
  • This option is NOT AVAILABLE for Students from external organisations

The program software MUST be installed on your laptop prior to the course start date.  Software cannot be installed by instructors on the day or during the course.  The course cannot be delayed for students who arrive late or without the required software installed. 

Installation of Stata for students who choose to bring their own laptop
Students from RCH/MCRI/DOPs must contact to have the Stata program installed on their laptops no later than 7 days before the course start date.
PLEASE NOTE: If you elect to bring your laptop and arrive without it, you will not be guaranteed use of a PC for the course and therefore may have to undertake the course as an observer only.