Resources- quantitative research

Project management tools are available on the CRDO intranet
For an overview of the research process see the “Launching Pad”. This will guide you through each of the major stages of a research project, and connect you to the key supporting departments across Melbourne Children's Campus.


Before you start to write a new protocol, read through this guidance document: Developing, amending and adhering to research protocols. This provides information on why you need a protocol, what information needs to be included and where to seek information and help. 

There are three protocol templates available. Keep checking back here for the release of two new templates: 'observational' and 'audit'. If you are unsure which template is best for your study please email

Budget template

All campus staff planning to undertake a research project have a responsibility to ensure that good financial management practices are in place. This budget template will help you cost your project, with useful tips and tricks to ensure you include everything you need. The template is best suited to clinical trials, but can be adapted for other research. 

Ethics and governance management

CRDO has created two flowcharts that will help you manage the ethics and governance processes for single, or multi-centre studies. They detail each of the steps, and the order of the steps you need to follow. This is especially useful for when you are submitting as a lead site, and have to interact with one or more accepting sites. The flowcharts are housed on the Research Ethics and Governance website here

There is a NEW Standard Operating Procedure and Process flow for the management of adverse events which makes this sometimes complex process much easier to navigate. There are both hosted on the Adverse Event page of the Research Ethics & Governance website. 

Translation Toolkit

To help make your research count through better translation, use this toolkit to identify stakeholders and select appropriate engagement methods. 

Use the following examples as a guide when completing your toolkit (examples are intranet only)

Study Binder Guideline

This guideline details what needs to be included in your study binder/investigator site file and why. Below, there are templates such as delegation and recruitment logs to use in conjuction with this guideline.  For those that prefer to file electronically (or have a mix of paper and electronic) let us know. We have an electronic file structure we can email you that is identical to the paper version. 

Research Forms and Templates 

Research SOPs and guidelines

CRDO, along with the Melbourne Children's Trial Centre (MCTC) and Research, Ethics and Governance (REG) are starting to roll out a number of SOPs designed to help research teams ensure Good Research Practice. If you have a request for a particular SOP please don't hesitate to contact us.  

National Research Regulations and Guidelines