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The research team

Chief Investigators

Professor Rob McLachlan, Principal Research Fellow, Hudson Institute of Medical Research; Director, Andrology Australia; Consultant Andrologist, Monash IVF

Professor Jane Halliday, NHMRC Senior Research Fellow, Public Health Genetics, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Professor David Amor, Pamela and Lorenzo Galli Chair, Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne; Clinical Geneticist, The Royal Children’s Hospital and VCGS

Professor Michelle Lane, Chief Scientific Officer, Monash IVF Group; Senior Lecturer, Research Centre for Reproductive Health

A/Prof John McBain, Head of Reproductive Services Unit, Royal Women's Hospital; Fertility Specialist, Melbourne IVF

Professor Moira O’Bryan, Head of the School of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, Monash University

Professor Luk Rombauts, Group Medical Director, Monash IVF Group; Research Director, Monash IVF

Professor Richard Saffery, Group Leader, Cancer and Disease Epigenetics, Murdoch Children's Research Institute

Associate Investigators

Dr Sarah Catford, Endocrinologist, Hudson Institute of Medical Research

Ms Franca Agresta, Clinical Research Manager, Melbourne IVF

Project Officers

Ms Joanne Kennedy, Research Assistant, Public Health Genetics, Murdoch Children's Research Institute