Feedback to Communities

Community feedback in 2015

This year Donna Weetra, Roxanne Miller and Stephanie Brown will be visiting communities in South Australia to provide feedback about findings from the study. 

We have  also prepared a brief report with an overview of key findings.

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Community consultation

Before the study began, the Aboriginal Families team undertook consultations with Aboriginal communities and organisations in regional, remote and urban areas of South Australia. Two Aboriginal researchers – Roxanne Miller and Hayley Wilson – were appointed to assist with the consultations.

The purpose of consultations was twofold. Firstly, we wanted to find out if there was community support for the research, and to seek input into the research questions, methods and ways of conducting the research.

Another important goal of the consultation was to inform community members and organisations about the study and build relationships to support the research.

The Aboriginal Advisory Group was established in 2007 under the auspices of the Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia to guide the community consultation and development of the research protocol.

Findings from the consultation were summarised in a report:

Wilson H, Miller R, Arney F, Brown S, Glover K, Stamp G. Aboriginal Families Study Community Report of the Consultation. Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Aboriginal Health Council of South Australia and University of South Australia, Melbourne 2009; 12pp.

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Community newsletters

We produced a series of newsletters throughout the study period:

October 2010
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October 2012
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April 2016
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