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Can I self refer?

Yes you can. The AHDR team are currently working on a way to make this easier. For the time being, please email Jo at and she will help you through the process.


Will my health care professional know if I'm on the register?

No! All information supplied to the AHDR is kept securely within a database managed by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. Your health care team do not have access to this information. You may find that they'll ask you more than once about the AHDR, as they're unable to see if you have registered. 


Can I check if I have registered? And if I have completed the questionnaires?

You sure can. Please contact Jo on (03) 9936 6766 or at and she will check for you. 


Who is involved?

We are currently enrolling children from eight different sites in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia. We hope to have the ACT and Tasmania on board soon. If you would like to become involved, and are unsure if you're health care professional is part of the AHDR, please contact Jo at


What if I change my mind?

You can withdraw from the AHDR at any time. You do not need to tell us the reason you or your child want to stop being in the AHDR. If you leave, we will use any information already collected unless you tell us not to.