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Collaborations for 3D imaging 

As with our 12-month follow-up, we are collaborating with two experts in 3D morphometric analysis of image data: Drs Peter Claes and Harold Matthews from KU Leuven in Belgium. The collaboration aims to develop new approaches to undertake our craniofacial analysis and to interpret these results.

Collaborations for labatory studies

Collaborations to-date have arisen from our interest in epigenetics. Specifically, the association between PAE and DNA methylation and its role as a mediator of neurodevelopment and FASD. We are contributing data to the Pregnancy And Childhood Epigenetics (PACE) consortium as part of their meta-analysis project studying early life environmental impacts on human disease using epigenetics. The consortium is based at the US National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and includes researchers from around the world. 

We are also collaborating with the lab of Professor Michael Kobor, Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, The University of British Columbia. The Kobor lab recently developed a pediatric epigenetic clock (PedBE) using buccal epithelial swabs. The collaboration will generate epigenetic and genotypic data from our child buccal DNA to contribute to their project investigating the extent to which the PedBE clock informs on child development across diverse populations and sex. 

Another collaboration in this area of study is with a team at the Telethon Institute, Western Australia, led by Dr David Martino. The AQUA study is contributing EWAS data from buccal epithelial swabs for this project, which aims to identify DNA methylation biomarkers of PAE in a controlled murine experiment, with replication in existing methylation data sets from human infants with well characterised PAE exposure patters and children diagnosed with FASD. 

Future collaborations

The AQUA study has obtained participant consent to have their data included in other ethically approved studies in related areas of research. AQUA study welcomes new collaborations with other investigators and have actively engaged in collaborative data-sharing projects. Interested investigators should contact the Project Manager Evi Muggli ( to obtain additional information about the study and referral to the appropriate Chief investigators for the discussion of collaborative opportunities.