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Australian Male Infertility Exposure AMIE Study

Research project

The aim of the AMIE study aims to develop better understanding of the impact of lifestyle and environment on male infertility.

Tens of thousands of couples trying to have children in Australia have fertility issues. Almost half of these are due to problems concerning the man. Unfortunately, not much is known about the causes of male infertility.

There is some research that suggests lifestyle or environmental factors could play a part. We know that smoking, diet or environmental pollutants can lead to diseases like cancer or diabetes. What we do not know is whether these are also related to infertility.

The AMIE study aims to understand how health, lifestyle and environmental factors may impact on male infertility and treatment outcomes for male infertility.

This study is being done by an expert team of scientists and clinicians, led by the Reproductive Epidemiology group at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI). It involves participation from many fertility clinics all around Australia.

The AMIE study is funded by the Australian Government through the Medical Research Future Fund Emerging Priorities and Consumer Driven Research initiative grant opportunity.