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What does the AMIE study involve?

To be a part of this study, you must be attending one of the partnering fertility clinics for artificial reproduction treatment. Our partnering clinics are:

You must also be a man who has either a) been diagnosed with unexplained infertility; or b) normal fertility assessment results but attended due to your partner’s fertility concerns.

What does being a part of this study involve?

If you would like to be involved, you will be asked to:

  1. give permission for your fertility assessment results and treatment information to be shared with the AMIE team,
  2. give permission for your IVF treatment cycles to be flagged in the national IVF database (ANZARD) as being part of the AMIE study, so that you and your partner’s IVF treatment and outcome data can be shared with the AIME research team,
  3. complete an online survey about general health, lifestyle and environmental exposures over your lifetime. We will also ask questions about your history of infertility. The survey will take 30-40 minutes to complete,
  4. provide a saliva sample

We would also like you to consider the following options. You can choose whether or not you agree to any or all of these.

  1. Provide a blood and urine sample to be stored at the MCRI biobank for use in future research related to male infertility.
  2. Give permission to share your information with collaborators in Australia and/or overseas.
  3. Give permission to be contacted for future research projects.