Trial Symptom Tracker app

How BRACE uses this custom-built smartphone app

the brace trial appThe purpose of the BRACE trial is to find out whether BCG vaccination protects against or reduces the severity of COVID-19 in healthcare workers. The trial Symptom Tracker app allows us to capture the data we need to answer this question.

The app, powered by WeGuide, allows the study team to track any symptoms you might experience when you become unwell, and how the severity of these symptoms impacts your life.

App reminder: Keep checking in until your final 12-month blood visit 

Please continue to use the trial Symptom Tracker app between your 12-month milestone post vaccination and when you have your final 12-month blood visit.

It is important to keep checking in during this period, which can be up to 42 days, so that our serological analysis considers any illnesses. After your final 12-month blood visit, you can delete the app unless you are a participant in the BRACE COVID-19-Specific vaccine sub-study (BCOS). 

New features in v1.2.7

On April 26, 2021, the trial Symptom Tracker app v1.2.7 was released with these new features:

  • Ability to change your reminder time through the app settings
  • Fixed issue for some participants where weekly notifications had stopped.

Download the trial Symptom Tracker app update

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