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Childhood to Adolescence Transition Study (CATS)

Research project

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A unique longitudinal study following 1,200 Melbourne students from childhood through adolescence.

The Childhood to Adolescence Transition Study (CATS) is a longitudinal study of children in Melbourne as they move into high school and through adolescence. This is the first study to look at a population sample of children with this focus.

The main focus of the study is on health and emotional development in the middle years of school; looking at the experiences of children and their families, the changing social context as they move into secondary school, consequences this may have on academic outcomes and their reactions to biological changes of puberty.

CATS aims to improve our understanding of the many influences on the health and emotional adjustment of children as they approach their teens. Information collected as part of this large study will help to identify when and how to promote the best health and emotional adjustment in pre-teens.

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