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Meet the team

Lead investigators

Dr Emma Sciberras (CAP)

Dr Emma Sciberras is a clinical psychologist and lecturer in psychology at Deakin University and the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. Her research aims to investigate the developmental trajectories of childhood with ADHD, including the risk and protective factors for poor versus better mental health, social and academic outcomes in this population.  Emma has been awarded an NHMRC Early Career Research fellowship to develop a research program in this area (2012-2015).

Dr Tim Silk (NICAP)

Dr Tim Silk is a Senior Research Officer and team leader in Developmental Neuropsychiatry, in Developmental Imaging at the Murdoch Children Research Institute, and an Honorary Senior Fellow at the Department of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne. Using neuroimaging techniques, his research focuses on brain development, to understand when and where the brain-behaviour interface goes awry. Specifically, he is focused on identifying 'neuroimaging markers' that can be used to distinguish children with neurodevelopmental disorders, monitor progression, to predict likely outcome or treatment response.

Other Study Investigators

Professor Jan Nicholson, Professorial Chair, La Trobe University and Principal Research Fellow (Hon), Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Dr Daryl Efron, Paediatrician, General Medicine, Royal Children's Hospital and Senior Research Fellow, Murdoch Children's Research Institute
Professor Vicki Anderson, Head of Psychology, Royal Children’s Hospital Mental Health; Theme Director, Clinical Sciences Research, Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Senior Practitioner Fellow Professorial Fellow, Psychological Sciences & Paediatrics, University of Melbourne
Professor Philip Hazell, Head, Discipline of Psychiatry, Sydney Medical School and Director of Infant Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Sydney and South Western Sydney Local Health Districts
Dr Brad Jongeling, Paediatrician, Joondalup Child Development Centre; Paediatric Regional Co-ordinator - North; Child Development Service, CACHS and Consultant Paediatrician Joondalup Health Campus and Glengarry Hospital.
Associate Professor Obioha Ukoumunne, Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics, PenCLAHRC, University of Exeter Medical School, Exeter, Devon, UK.
Ms Karen Underwood, Manager Policy and Projects, Student Wellbeing Division, Department of Education and Training

Project team

Alisha Gulenc

Alisha Gulenc is the Project Coordinator of CAP, Community Health Services Research and Developmental Imaging at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. She also works on the Australian Paediatric Research Network (APRN). Her research interests include behavioural, developmental and mental health conditions in childhood and the impact these conditions have on child and family functioning.

Sila Genc

Sila Genc is a research assistant in the developmental imaging group at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute. Her research interests are in using different MRI tools to investigate changes in brain structure over time, particularly over the important years through childhood and adolescence. Sila is actively involved in running MRI appointments for CAP, as well as analysing the MRI data!

Other research staff

Matthew Bissett
Kate Stephens
Elizabeth Varley
Charles Malpas


Jessica Green
Sampada Bhide
Hannah Korrel
Tahmeena Ali
Celine Chai
Joe Lewsey
Rachel Neely
Deborah Clayton